By now, the beautiful holiday of Sukkot feels like a somewhat distant memory. The leaves have changed into their splendor and august colors and are beginning to rapidly fall from the trees. Our clocks have been adjusted one hour back, and the weather has become markedly colder.

But for me, Sukkot

A friend used to have a sign that his mother hung on their fridge, which read: “You have two choices for supper: Take it or leave it.”

It was the seventh of Adar; the final day of Moshe Rabbinu’s life. He had begun conveying his last will and testament five weeks earlier, on Rosh

Last week on Simchat Torah, I was asked to lain a few ‘rounds’ of Parshas V’zot Haberacha, to help ensure that every man and boy received an aliyah

“It is Sunday. The line of people waiting to see the Rebbe is very long. After hours, I finally find myself face to face with the Rebbe. At first, I

Not infrequently, I receive envelopes in the mail with printed words on the front: “Help us in our time of need! Don’t let them shut our doors! Have

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