I. Introduction

There exists a belief among some that a woman who has given birth or gotten married refrains from going to public gatherings for up to 40 days. Bukharians (and Persians) call this practice chillah. When a bride or a woman who recently gave birth (within 40 days) enters the house of

Parashat Kedoshim contains two prohibitions on curses.

“Do not curse the deaf,” (chapter 19, verse 14) means, a person who does not hear curses

Parashat Tazria discusses the laws regarding tzora’as, leprosy, that are widely viewed as incomprehensible! Not to mention that we have never seen

Parshat Tzav – Why Do We Kasher Our Dishes?

Parashat Tzav (“Command”; here, a verb) gives a detailed description of the sacrificial services. Thus

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