A person should know how teshuvah works.

Teshuvah does not mean that if a person doesn’t learn Torah all year, he should hit his heart and say: “Chatati! From now on I’m going to start learning Torah.” That is not teshuvah.

A speaker once started his seminar by holding up a $100 bill. "Who would like this $100 bill?", he asked.

Every hand in the room went up.


Not only is New York the greatest city in the world, it is the safest big city in America. Since day one of this administration, public safety has

The walls are closing in around Joe Biden as bombshell after bombshell hit him, his administration, and his family. In the last week, an impeachment

The song “Ha’azinu” (“Listen”) completes the speech of Moshe Rabbeinu.

This song reveals to us the entire history of the Jewish people, starting

Core Values

By Joe Apfelbaum, CEO, Ajax Union

For those who watch politics and culture long enough, a certain trend emerges over time. Politics is like a pendulum swinging back and forth, left to

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