Imagine a teenager lying on a grassy field, gazing into the night sky. As he stares up at the stars, he thinks to himself, “Look at how enormous the universe is. The sky just expands endlessly... It must go on forever.” After sitting with that thought for a few moments, he becomes uncomfortable

There is a wonderful organization, Arachim that is involved in kiruv bringing back ba’alei teshuvah. Every year, the grouphosts a seminar where

There is a strange recurring phenomenon throughout the story of creation: the Torah first describes one model of creation and then proceeds to depict

“Well, they realized that it’s in their better business interest to go along with [insert Leftist cause here].  They don’t really believe this; they

With a week to go before Russia stages its May 9 pageant of military hardware and the loudest hurrah on Red Square, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

A poor man once approached an individual asking if he can buy a lottery ticket from him. For every lottery ticket that this poor man would sell, he

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