The Gemarah learns from the pasuk “Lo Yamushu Mipikha Umipi Zarakha Umipi Zera Zarakha Meata Vead Olam” that if three generations of Torah can successfully persevere, it will remain in the family (Avloti). Being around many communities, it is clearly evident that this is so: Solovaichik by the

In the words of Mr. Nissim Tajir, “Mishpachat Kaikov gave three treasures to Klal Yisrael: Rav Yaakov Kaikov, Rav Chizkiyahu Kaikov, and Rav Elazar

Born in 1866, on the 26th day of Shivat, Rav Shlomo was privileged to grow up in Yerushalayim. His father was Chacham Moshe Tajir, the Rosh Av Beit

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