Dear Readers,

We’re very excited for this issue of the Bukharian Jewish Link as we continue to see so much good happening in our community. Of course, we have it all covered.

Dear Readers, Baruch Hashem, the beautiful Holiday season has come and gone and we’re coming back with some fantastic news.

This past Sunday, the

This issue of the Bukharian Jewish Link is jam-packed with so many community events and recent happenings that have taken place leading up to the

Amazingly, another year has come and gone. Rosh Hashana will B’h get underway this Sunday, September 9th. Whereas the secular New Year is normally

This past Sunday we had the fast of 17 of Tammuz which is the beginning of the 3 weeks which ends with Tisha Bav. It’s customary to lower our

As we close in on our first year, the Bukharian Jewish Link has Baruch Hashem «grown wings» and has taken off like a dove. It is truly heartwarming

Hi everyone, hope you are all getting ready for summer, just a thought for everyone, our fellow brothers the Ashkenazim go away in the Summer to the

Since our last issue, we’ve received plenty of feedback from our readers, a few articles and a ton of Mazal Tovs.

In this issue, we interview Chief

Wow! So much going on in our community! It seems like as every edition of the BJL comes out there are more community news and developments in our

The Bukharian community is Baruch HaShem growing and there is so much going on.

Just last week on Tisha B’Av, Beth Gavriel had thousands upon

Much has happened over the past week in our community. Being a publisher for the BJL makes me feel like a doctor with his finger on the pulse of the

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