The late Paul Harvey related the following story in one of his “For What It’s Worth” segments:

While working on the production of a movie in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1986, actor Robert Redford was scouting out the town. Mr. Redford walked into an ice cream parlor where a young woman immediately

This past Sunday, the county hosted its annual “Please vote for your local politician, who is trying to get re-elected” autumn Fair. Held in a local

Yom Tov is truly a special time. The special tefilos, the meals, the songs, the meals, the camaraderie, the meals, extra time with the family, the

This week, America marked the sixteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  A few years ago, I was recounting to my fifth-grade Ashar students

A family friend once remarked to me that Yom Kippur is her favorite day of the year. Then she added with a half-smile, “I don’t even know why I love