Once upon a time, when you wanted to go somewhere, you needed to first find out directions from someone who knew the way. You would try to speak with someone who was proficient with roads, knew traffic patterns, and which was the best route to take. Then, a few years ago, Mapquest, followed by

This past Friday morning, after I made my morning coffee, I headed down to my basement office to learn, as I do every morning. About ten minutes

A noted therapist once quipped that the best psychologists are not doing private consultations or helping people on an individual basis. Rather, they

During one of my visits to Eretz Yisroel a few years ago, I was getting ready to shave before Shabbat. Although my shaver was wired for American

It was definitely one of the most unique gifts I ever received. Since it was given to me, I am hardly ever apart from it. This may sound funny, but

I’m sure it’s happened to almost everyone at one time or another. You’re sitting at some sort of reception or simcha talking with a friend, when you

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