My favorite column to write during the year is for the Purim edition. As someone who grew up during the heyday of Mad Magazine and shows like Get Smart, I enjoy reading, listening to, and writing satire. Unfortunately, I cannot write satire every week. Purim is gone, and it’s back to the same

As I often say, we live in a city of 8.3 million people — and 35 million opinions. But one thing all New Yorkers can agree on is that people come to

Many are familiar with the Chanukat Ha’Bayit (the dedication of the house) ceremony in honor of the occasion of moving in to a new house or

In this week’s parshah, (40:18), Hashem’s home - the Mishkan is finally inaugurated. After a seven-day process in which Moshe had to assemble and

People often think that fearing G-d means one is always scared and cannot have any fun? Well, that's not really what it is all about. It is not as if

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