We see that the name of Yaakov Avinu, even though the angel told him, “Your name will not Ya’aqob anymore, but Yisrael,” in fact, is interchangeable. The Torah continues to refer to Yaakov as both Yaakov and Yisrael.

The Parashah begins with the words, “and Yaakov (Jacob) lived in the land of

Joseph was in prison for ten years. In the month of Elul, close to Rosh Hashanah, the episode with the Sar HaMashkin took place. Joseph knew at that

Esau says to Jacob that he will accompany him and walk with him along the way, “And he said, ‘let us travel and go, and I will walk alongside

And Isaac loved Esau, because game (venison) was in his mouth, and Rebecca loved (loves) Jacob. – Bereshith 25:28

Rabbenu Bahyei mentions that Isaac

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