The following is a short parable/ story I wrote. It explores the weight of our choices and also depicts the sometimes-latent human strength that everyone can find deep within the recesses.


It began with a parallelism, which drew him outwards; one door closed, another opened. He could not say when it happened, only that it did.

He found himself in that moment, assessed his situation, and could not imagine how it had begun. But he understood how it ended; like all things corporeal and three dimensional, it must end. What held him back at this point was supplemented by that which originated in the confines of his own logic, a relatively humble space, but one in which he found seemingly insurmountable resistance. Resistance proliferated in the ether of his imagination - a conflagration of voices and colors. What was once snow and ice became steep mountains and vast rivers, endless in sight.

However, there was that single, piercing light. It was a pure beam of brilliant light representing his very first decision. Towards that light he began his trek, an arduous venture in ever changing terrain. From arid desert to freezing vastness, snow became sand and sand became ash, but he had taken solace in that distant light near to him from birth, until his eyes began to dim and his spirit wither. 
His calves began shaking; his fingers trembled violently. Every muscle in his body now strained to the extreme. But in those final moments he found immeasurable joy, a joy emanating from the boundaries of his limitation. He took strength in his new found insight, for he knew, from that moment forward, every step marked uncharted territory - every step, a manifestation of the indomitable spirit.

Onward and onward and onward he marched, every footfall a bass note, every breath a rising harmony - all leading to his much anticipated crescendo; he had finally arrived. It was then when he beheld it for the very first time, the subject of decades planning. Before him now stands the motivator of many sacrificed dreamers. How many had lost their lives for this moment? How many hearts shattered, minds battered, bones broken, bodies destroyed?

He marveled at the Tree's obliviousness towards his emotions; it remained unchanging, as it had undoubtedly for a hundred years. He stepped forward to what he recognized as his destiny, reached out his hand, and grasped the apple. How trivial and strange it seemed to him, that such a seemingly inconsequential action of chemical impulse could affect such far-reaching waves. In that one moment he toppled kingdoms, ruined worlds, and reopened the eyes of all humanity, who had until then lay slumbering in the dream space they called Life. All that remained for him was to eat the apple, forever locking away evil in the place it had originated. He fulfilled, too, that duty of his conscience, and sat down on the compact earth just beneath his feet, taking comfort in the memories that defined his existence, for in them he found justification. All in the name of mankind, all for the glory of Purpose, for where else could such beauty be found than in the eyes of the beholder, the perspective of he who so chooses. To him it is nothing less than life over death, blessing over curse, light over darkness, the collective legacy of all mankind.