Unequivocal Proof Of Hashem's Existence

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When the Jews accepted the Torah, we did so without asking a series of questions. In our generation we can offer with one-hundred percent certainty proof of Hashem's presence as the world's Creator.

Let's start by brainstorming a scenario that could not have been constructed by someone or something; everything in this world has its Creator. Next, let’s ponder our universe: the earthly surface, lively animals, and beautiful surrounding nature. Each was envisioned, formulated, and given purpose by its Creator, Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

If one were to present doubt, such difficulty could not question the validity of G-d’s presence, rather proof is sought of the negation – that there is not a G-d. We have already established that every detail of life has a Creator, so why is there hesitation of this notion applying to Earth’s composition. I once debated this belief with a self-titled scientist who was poised of the atom producing all our universe’s components, tangible or otherwise. I countered with the obvious, “Where did the atom originate?” and was offered that the atom was void of creation and only possessed the capability to compose other elements. Understanding that everything in our midst has its Creator, I was unsatisfied with the logic of something beginning from nothing and contemplated, “How could the mysterious atom also not have its Architect?” While there is a possibility for the scientist’s theory of an atom lacking a Maker, the responsibility of this being proven a fact would rust on the theory itself.

In another debate, I was asked, “If there is a Creator for everything in our midst - and this Creator is G-d, then who created this almighty divine presence?” The question is terrific! It goes without question that Hashem does not have an initiator, however if we were going to give this query the time of day, then the same question would persist, who was the Almighty’s creator, and so on. Should an individual opt to believe such a position, then it seems reasonable for such a person to be under an obligation of service to Hashem, first and foremost, and then to the countless stream of other creators where Hashem found a starting spark of energy. Therefore, one deficient in their obligations to Hashem Yisbarach also falls short of their accountabilities to any other prior inventor. It goes without saying that Hashem is one-hundred percent emes, truth, and is the sole Builder of Olam HaZeh, because there is no response when attempting to reason the Almighty not being the singular Designer of space and time.

R' Yaakov Rahimi graduated from Deal Yeshiva and now resides in Lakewood, N.J. where he reignites the spark of Torah in unaffiliated Jews through BackToSinai.com where over 1000 have registered to study with a mentor.