Godolov Family Hosts Hachnasat Sefer Torah In KGH

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On Monday, September 25, hundreds of people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Godolov to celebrate the finishing of a new Sefer Torah. The block of 79th Avenue and 152nd Street were filled with kids and adults of all ages to honor and dance with the Torah. The Sefer Torah was escorted with live music and dancing from the Godolov house to SvetSarah Restaurant on Main Street. This Sefer will be used in the Midrash L’man Achai in Rego Park, under the leadership of Rabbi Kleinman, shlit”a.

Midrash L’man Achai is a high school for our Bukharian boys whose motto is “Every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education.” Many of the Rabbanim at the Yeshiva are old Bukharian alumni of Rabbi Kleinman. Mr. Godolov remarked, “I was looking to give the Sefer Torah to an organization that would constantly use it and not just leave it in the ahron to look good, and I don’t see a better organization than Midrash Laman Achai.”

The evening continued at SvetSarah Restaurant with live music and dancing. Many had the zehut to purchase a letter to finish off the holy Sefer, with all funds going to the Yeshiva. During the event, there was a surprise visit from the holy Kaliver Rebbe’s son, who gave some words of inspiration and blessed Mr. and Mrs. Godolov with a baby boy this year so that Mr. Godolov can sit and learn Torah with his own children. Amen!!