YTT Takes Retreat To The Mountains

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Yeshiva Tiferet Tzion (YTT) spent a beautiful and inspiring Shabbat together on their annual mountain retreat for Shabbat earlier this month. The bochurim left Friday by coach bus and were joined by their rebbeim and their families along with some of the precious YTT alumni. The group headed upstate for an activity at Liberty Heights. Afterwards, everyone arrived at Camp Nageela where they were treated to a pre-Shabbat hot buffet. Some bochurim enjoyed the pool, ping pong, basketball, football, the on-site animal farm, and some even went to learn!

Shabbat evening davening was beautiful and inspiring followed by a delicious seudah and special oneg Shabbat where the crowd was treated to divrei Torah and singing with Rabbi Avraham Brog, shlit”a. Shabbat morning started with an optional matmidim program for those who wanted to learn before t’fillah. At shacharit, an auction for aliyot and kibbudim was held! Instead of money, the honors were auctioned off by the bochurim “bidding” and committing to learning pages of gemorah, hours of learning over the summer and even hours of refraining from social media and phone use!

The weather was beautiful and the boys were able to spend Shabbat afternoon learning outdoors and enjoying the grounds. There was another matmidim session before minchah followed by seudah shlishit, where the menahel, Rabbi Moshe Ahraonov addressed the large gathering. After havdalah and a short break, there was a siyum melavah malkah followed by spirited dancing and even a late night swim! Sunday morning included a special Rosh Chodesh t’fillah and breakfast.

It was a beautiful infusion of past, present, and future and every aspect of the trip was blessed with kedushah and shalom. The staff, students, and alumni all returned with great chizuk and cannot wait to continue growing together! To learn more, feel free to contact the yeshiva at: 718.544.2727 ext: 2 and