Our Construction

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It is said that good dreams, enveloped in kind and blissful plots, are serious harbingers of the fulfillment of cherished endeavors. It is not surprising that, while passing by the building under construction of our synagogue, we cannot fail but pay attention to the bright brilliance of one of its domes, especially shiny on sunny days. The second dome being apparently at the stage of completion testifies that the long-awaited day of the housewarming is not far off, which both the old and the young dream of, sometimes plunging into colorful imagined plots.

Recently, the final layer of concrete was put on the walls of the new building’s ground floor, where, according to the design, major celebrations and festive events are planned. Soon after that, on January 12 this year, the community leaders including its president Ilya Koptiev, chief rabbi Imanuel Shimonov, as well as builders, engineers and designers, gathered at the construction site.

They had a very important, strictly specific and substantive conversation—they talked about providing the building with a reliable waterproofing system, which requires preliminary preparation and approval by the relevant authorities of special calculation documents as the initial basis for the successful solution of the task.

As soon as this matter has been settled, the builders will start the exterior cladding of the building with a special stone, thus making another important step towards our cherished common long-awaited dream. And although this path has not been easy to travel along, it is worth completing the journey.

In addition, in the first days of the new year, a number of pleasant and encouraging facts emerged, testifying to the expansion of the circle of people who ardently and sincerely wish to render all possible support to the Beth Gavriel Center in completing the construction. Among them is Yakov Arabov, a well-known American businessman and public figure, who, having learned that one of his company’s architects has been supervising the work on the Beth Gavriel Center for many years, asked that professional to acquaint him with the progress of the project.

Since, even with his busy schedule, Yakov Arabov did not pass by our community concerns, then this is a clear indication that the construction of the Bet Gavriel synagogue is a great and important public matter that can have a tremendous positive impact, first of all, on the future of our youth.

It is no coincidence that among those involved there is a growing number of people of the most diverse social backgrounds, such as the esteemed Mr. Benya Sadykov, whose bloodline included a lot of wonderful congregants of our synagogue, who raised worthy children and are now concerned about the future of their grandchildren.