Only Hashem’s Help

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There’s a kiruv yeshivah in Eretz Yisrael called Nesivos Moshe. A teacher in the yeshivah related the following powerful story.

A morah told the girls in her class that she would be giving a test the following day. She mentioned to the girls if they study, they would do well, be’ezrat Hashem. One girl raised her and said, “I don’t need any ezras Hashem, I just need ezras mochi (my head).”

The teacher explained, “We say be’ezrat Hashem, im yirtzeh Hashem... You can’t say such a thing (for example ezras mochi).” The girl refused to listen and retorted, “Look at my record, I’ve always gotten 100’s on my tests.”

The next day the teacher gave out the test and the girl burst out crying. She explained that she knew all the material, but it flew out of her head! She got up and said, “I ask forgiveness from Hashem for saying I didn’t need his help.”

Everyone needs Hashem’s help. Even the brightest student – who may think it’s all her own doing –needs to realize that it’s really all Hashem’s doing. He’s the one guiding and helping everyone.

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