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You may remember your history professor discussing the Industrial Revolution and how it brought along changes in the manufacturing of goods. Items that were acquired from skilled artisans,  were now produced on an assembly line; clothes that were handspun,  were likewise  produced in factory settings. The mass manufacturing process increased the supply of goods  and set the trend for purchasing larger quantities. Subsequent technological innovations have continued to change  the way we  make purchases.  With the click of a button, it has become possible to  place an array of orders and have them delivered to our door in a short amount of time. 

While economic and technological progress has  indeed  made our purchasing experience a lot easier, finding adequate storage space, for all these  purchases, has become challenging.  And regardless of our level of  organizational expertise keeping packed closets and storage spaces clutter free and neatly arranged can be difficult. Indeed, crammed closets may not be  a result of poor organizational skills but can perhaps be attributed to our shopping style. Our habit of stocking up on staples  may be necessary to accommodate our hectic schedules, however  storing our wares can be challenging. One solution would be to adjust our purchasing  style by implementing  a mindful shopping approach. You may have heard the concept of mindfulness from your financial  advisor or accountant as well. However, their  concern is related to your  financial situation, whereas  the aim of this article  is to encourage  a clutter free lifestyle. This goal  can easily  be acquired (no pun intended) by committing to only buying  items that are truly needed, preferably for immediate use.  This would prevent us from purchasing items for future use which in all  likelihood would anyway be out of style within a few months or be shoved to the back of the closet and  forgotten.

Another mindful shopping tactic is to organize  closet space prior to a shopping spree in order to help determine what needs  to be replenished and free up room for  new items. This will prevent  the purchase of buying duplicates and making superfluous  purchases.   By adopting a  conscious  less-is- more philosophy, one  can  eliminate clutter and   keep things neatly organized.   Not only will it help you shop smarter  but organizing closet space will also have a domino effect on the entire house. Getting rid of items that are not functional  will free up space for items that are strewn around the house.

 The display of myriad knick knacks and paraphernalia is just so passé and rooms that are decorated with a minimalistic approach offer a contemporary oasis of tranquility and calmness.  Discarding things, whether clothing or toys that are no longer useful may be difficult due to their sentimental value. If you ever had the opportunity to help an elderly parent pack up for a move, you may have witnessed firsthand how much one can accumulate, largely for sentimental reasons.  The discovery of your  third-grade overnight camping trip scrapbook in the back of the closet may indeed cement this realization of how much we hold onto. It is therefore important to remain focused on the benefits of decluttering your home when tackling your outdated things. This will  help  overcome the tinge of sadness you might feel discarding that scrapbook and will allow you to accept the fact that it will not be present at your child’s artifact exhibition.

 Focusing on the positive  aspect of eliminating clutter may inspire mindful- shopping- and -decluttering  New Year’s resolutions, as well as  early “Spring cleaning.”   Start now and  you will free up prime space just in time for  new  Chanukah presents. 

Not only is streamlining your shopping and decluttering your home important for maintaining a peaceful living environment , it is vital when you are preparing to sell your home. Crammed rooms and overstuffed closets detract from the aesthetics of your house and prevent buyers from seeing beyond the clutter. For assistance in preparing  your house for sale  or for any real estate related matter feel free to contact me.

Rita Tepfer is a licensed real estate agent with Olam Realty Group. She can be reached at 917 405 9160 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.