Rabbi Mordechai German, the Dean of Be’er Hagolah Institutes is no stranger to Jewish education. Aside from his personal experience as an educator for more than twenty-five years, he also grew up in a home steeped in a culture of caring for other Jews. The home of his parents, Rabbi Avner and

This past week was quite busy at Orot. Continuing with a five-week t'fillah series, Rabbi Yitzhak Aminov amazingly explained the importance of saying

The Satmar Rav Of Monsey, HaRav Avrohom Hersh Wosner shlit"a, made a special visit to the Bukharian community of Queens this past week. The visit was

Three Yeshiva Sha'arei Zion Girls High School faculty members, Ms. Greenberg, Mrs. Wasser, and Mrs. Yachnes, learned about innovation, design

A visit to the construction site of the forthcoming Beth Gavriel shul was included on the rav's tour.

The Chief Rabbi of Or Yehuda and President of

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