Be’er Hagolah: Excellence In Education And Securing Jewish Continuity In A Safe And Healthy Environment

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Every parent shares the same aspiration: to provide his or her child with every advantage feasible so that the child may succeed in life.  Be’er Hagolah shares that very same goal.

Beer Hagolah is committed to providing its students the opportunity for academic success coupled with an upstanding Judaic education. Utilizing every technological opportunity in these changing times, Be’er Hagolah has remained steadfast in its mission to educate its students with a stellar education, so that upon graduating they are able to continue progressing forward with success in higher education and their Jewish values intact.

“In my capacity for the last five years as head of Be’er Hagolah, I have stood committed to provide an excellent secular and Judaic education for our students.  I give you my word that I will, B’ezrat Hashem, continuously stand dedicated to you and your children’s future,” declared Rabbi Mordechai German, Dean of Be’er Hagolah.

In Be’er Hagolah’s state of the art building, on its vast and beautiful campus, talented and professional staff members devote themselves to their students. Be’er Hagolah boasts a strong academic program, regents accredited, aligned with the New York State Common Core learning standards and honor classes.  Smart boards, computer labs, state-of-the-art science labs, a regulation size gym, and art classes are among the many mechanisms utilized to ensure success.

“I hold a Doctor of Medicine degree from Cornell University. I thank Be’er Hagolah for giving me an outstanding education so that I could go on to become a doctor in a prominent hospital in New York”, remarked a grateful alumnus of Be’er Hagolah.

But education alone is not enough to provide the sturdy foundation our children need to succeed.  Be’er Hagolah understands the importance of dealing with the whole child.  Be’er Hagolah incorporates other programs to enhance every child’s ability to grow so that he may reach his full potential. The extra-curricular programs, field trips, basketball leagues, summer employment opportunities, and college advisement, which Be’er Hagolah provides, empower its students with confidence and social advancement.

“Our goal is to ensure that our students leave Be’er Hagolah’s walls with sound and moral principles so that they are able to move on in life as healthy, productive members of society,” proclaims Rabbi Mordechai Fishman, Principal of the boy’s division.

In a letter written to Be’er Hagolah, an alumnus noted, “Be’er Hagolah has always set high standards for its students.  When I graduated, I went on to become an actuary, a field that is reserved for the most accomplished students.  I thank Be’er Hagolah for planting the seeds of knowledge in me.  Over the years, the seeds have grown into a fruitful tree and even though the tree stands alone now, no winds can break it because the roots are deep. Nothing can stop this tree from growing higher and higher!  Thank you very much!”

Many community leaders have visited Be’er Hagolah and have observed firsthand the implementation of an excellent education, with an impressive faculty, in an immaculate and well-kept magnificent building: the sparkling floors, the well-lit corridors, the discipline in the hallways, the children learning in classrooms and interested in their studies, along with the respect for Jewish culture and values.

As Rabbi Yaniv Meirov, founder of Chazaq, states, “When I refer students to Be’er Hagolah, I feel confident that I am sending them to a school where they will receive an excellent education with their Jewish identity intact, in a warm, safe and healthy environment.”