CKids Of The Arts @ Chabad of Forest Hills North Hold Annual End Of Year Ceremony

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CKids of the Arts @ Chabad of Forest Hills North held their annual End of Year Ceremony. The event marked the culmination of a successful year of learning about the forty-year journey to the Holy Land. It celebrated the valuable knowledge and lessons the students gained by retracing the remarkable journey of the Jewish People from Egypt to the Land of Israel. The curriculum this year was “Adventure to the Holy Land”, exploring the journey of the Jewish nation from slavery in Egypt to freedom, and to their ultimate destination-our homeland Israel. Throughout the many vicissitudes of our journey, Hashem was right there by their side, protecting us and showing us His love. Despite all the obstacles our people encountered along the way, they persevered, and we are here today stronger than ever because of the Jewish Children who were the guarantors.

As we travel our own journey from our current exile to the time of the ultimate redemption, let us always remember that we are Hashem’s special people. He loves us and (is with us always) will protect us always, we are never alone. The  theme song chorus this year represented all that:

  • In every generation
  • Feel His kindness shine anew,
  • Raining on the Jewish nation -
  • Dayeinu! Dayeinu!
  • I am chosen by Hashem
  • Yes, a Jew I’m proud to be
  • I know that I am special
  • Cuz Hashem loves me!

The students presented a beautiful musical performance depicting all the lessons learned, they received achievement awards, had all their beautiful artwork on display, all with great recognition of their hard work and dedication throughout the year at CKids of the Arts at Chabad of Forest Hills North.