Yeshiva Primary 1987-94 Alumni Unite

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In 1969, Rabbi Zalmen Deutscher established the present-day Yeshiva Primary as Yeshiva Institute, a day school recognized as the Yeshiva Academy of South Queens.

A beautiful reunion for graduates from classes 1987 through 1994 was held at Netzach Community Center on Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows. The early December Sunday evening social was well attended by graduates, who recounted their experiences at the yeshivah in hopes of influencing current public school students to register. In his remarks, Rabbi Deutscher encouraged attendees to refer youth not yet in a yeshivah environment to grasp the opportunity to obtain an education rich in Jewish heritage.

In turn, alumni thanked the rabbi for his persistence, and one after another expressed how their lives were forever changed by his vital influence and that of his esteemed educators.

The program was graced by the presence of Rav Nerya Aminov, rav of Ner Mordechai and Rosh HaYeshivah of Metivta Tiferet Torah. During the evening, a reel was enjoyed, taking the former students into a time capsule highlighting the late 80s and early 90s on campus. Afterwards, a touching tribute was played memorializing the educationalists from that era that have since passed.

The alumni and their spouses thoroughly relished the night spent with their awe-inspiring rebbi, as they reminisced with old acquaintances, formed fresh bonds, and looked to a brighter future steeped in Yiddishkeit.

By Shabsie Saphirstein