Chaverim Of Queens And Great Neck Holds Members Appreciation BBQ

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Chaverim of Queens and Great Neck held a member’s appreciation barbeque last Monday in Richmond Hill, and applause was felt all around for their amazing work. Steaks, burgers, wings, chicken cutlets, franks, fries, and more were in abundance in the backyard of the Love family home, which once again hosted the annual summer event that, for the first time, included live music, waiter service, and a mixologist.

“I might be President of our organization, but that means nothing!” exclaimed Aaron Cyperstein. “I do not go out on the calls; you guys have that monumental kavod.” On behalf of his son and co-founder Avigdor, Reb Aaron expressed “extreme thanks” to all the members and especially to the newer members who have literally been rocking the overload of calls that the organization has encountered over the last number of months.

Tens of calls are dispatched daily, covering many neighborhoods of Queens. “I am getting calls and have never received so many letters, emails, and texts of thanks for these calls being covered,” said Cyperstein. “I am receiving gratitude from people far and wide saying that these guys come out anytime, anywhere in minutes.” Just in the last day, two babies were rescued from cars that had inadvertently become locked, and one baby was safely extracted from a locked bathroom. The response time in each incident was barely one minute, and new members were heavily involved. "From the depth of my heart and from the depth of the many people that are getting serviced by you guys, we say thanks and give you the brachah to keep rocking it.”

By Shabsie Saphirstein, member/dispatcher