Bnos Malka Annual Dinner Honorees

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Bnos Malka Academy will host its 27th Annual Dinner on April 19th honoring Rabbi Shlomo and Rebbetzin Ora Nisanov. The Nisanovs, who are strong supporters of Bnos Malka, and have two daughters who attend the school, have been leaders in the community for over 30 years. Michael Salzbank, Bnos Malka’s Executive Director, remarked, “It is indeed a privilege to recognize Rabbi and Rebbetzin Nisanov as our Guests of Honor. There is hardly an area of communal life that has not directly benefited from their guidance, effort, and hard work. I think the secret to their success, is that no matter how large the undertaking, they never, ever forget it is about helping individuals who are in need, whether it be financial, spiritual, or social.”

Rabbi Nisanov is the Rav of Kehilat Sefardim, has been a President of the Vaad HaRabonim of Queens and is an integral advocate on our behalf to local government leadership, City and State. Mrs. Nisanov is also tirelessly dedicated to serving the community and together they are role models to be emulated by all. “Their ever-present smiles and genuine humility underlie their tremendous mesiras nefesh for Klal Yisroel. Rabbi Nisanov often stresses the importance of Achdus and it is that exact quality that drew him to Bnos Malka Academy.”

Joining the Nisanovs in accepting honors this year are Rabbi Tzachi and Shira Diamond (Parents of the Year) and Morah Rena Greenberg (Educator of the Year). Mrs. Diamond has been the President of the Parent Association at Bnos Malka for four years. With her determination and creativity, the PA has continued to be a valuable resource for the school; ever-enhancing programs and activities for the students, faculty and parents. Rabbi Diamond is currently a Rebbi at SKA high school and is a Rebbi and Director of Student Programming at Ezra Academy. Together they have taken the opportunity of the BMA Administration's open-door policy, to repeatedly and constantly involve themselves not only in their daughter's education but in the overall direction and welfare of the school. BMA is thrilled to honor their years of dedicated service to the school and the community.

Morah Rena Greenberg has been the music teacher at Bnos Malka for over 20 years and she has an incredible talent of using music to inspire and to deepen her students’ Emunah and Bitachon. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her students simply adore her. Mr. Salzbank concluded, “We are honoring extraordinary people. Each has a sterling character and personifies being true Ovdei Hashem.”