Emet Sings with Step Into Prayer

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Monday evenings have meant a symphony of sounds at the Emet Center. The music was courtesy of the latest 9-week semester of Step Into Prayer, the Women’s Division program that combines classes about tefila with teaching heartfelt Jewish songs. “We started this initiative two years ago because it’s integral to Yiddishkeit to be able to connect to Hashem through song,” said Ms. Adina Fendel, Emet Women’s Director. “Our students typically have been missing that aspect of the connection, so we wanted to give them an opportunity to add the musical component. Being able to better understand davening and sing niggunim brings another dimension to their spiritual journey.” 

The first part of each session featured a light dinner and then a lecture by Mrs. Esther Zino. Mrs. Zino provided an overview of davening as a way to connect with Hashem on a personal level, and also delved into specific prayers like Shema and Birchas HaShachar. 

The second half of the class was when the singing began.  The girls were taught uplifting songs connected to the tefilos by Emet Mekarvos with additional musical accompaniment of guitar and bongo drums. Songs have included Esa Einai, Tov Lehodos and Bitchu BaHashem by Baruch Levine. 

“The most incredible result of Step Into Prayer is how the program has transformed our Shabbatons,” Ms. Fendel added. “The girls can now sit around the table singing for hours, and it truly elevates the Shabbos experience for them.”

For further information about Emet programs visit EmetOutreach.org, and to experience Emet’s comprehensive video libra