CHAZAQ’s Tish'ah B'Av Marathon Inspires

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Every Segment Of Jewish Population

On the fast of Tisha B’av (July 17th and 18th), hundreds of people streamed into the Beth Gavriel Center in Queens, the Derech Emet Congregation in Brooklyn, and Congregation Ohr Hatorah in Great Neck for an inspirational Tisha B’av Marathon. The event was presented by the renowned CHAZAQ organization and featured over 40 different lectures by Rabbis from across the country. 

The first program started on Motzei Shabbat in Queens with an inspirational lecture by Charlie Harary and continued the next day with an array of speakers including Rabbi Benzion Klatzko of, Rabbi Benzion Shafier of the Shmuz, Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg of Emet Outreach, Chief Bukharian Rabbi Yitzchak Yisraeli, and renowned lecturer Rabbi Paysach Krohn, among others.

What made CHAZAQ’s program in Beth Gavriel even more unique was that they also organized several services and programs simultaneously upstairs as part of its outreach in the community and beyond.

The Chazaq’s Jwave Teens Division held their own Tisha B’av program on the third floor of Beth Gavriel, featuring words of inspiration from Chazaq Rabbis and mentors including Rabbi Avraham Walkin, Rabbi Moshe Mehdizadeh, Rabbi Dovid Delman and Rabbi Yaakov Rachimi.

The teens then had the unique opportunity to meet and receive blessings from the Kalever Rav who also met with individuals and families of various backgrounds and levels of observance, giving over his sagely advice and blessings.

In addition, free Shatnez checking for the community was provided by R’ Ben Mordechai and a phone filtering system was installed via TAG volunteers. 

The events were dedicated to the memory of Esther Bat Sara, Yakov ben Rochel, Ronit bat Adina, Moshe ben Bachshanda, and Mazal bat Avigael.  Special thanks go to all the partnering organizations, shuls and sponsors of the various events. An even greater thanks goes to TorahAnytime for live-streaming the shiurim to thousands of people around the world.

After all this inspiration, we can only pray that next year we merit to be in Jerusalem.

To be notified of future CHAZAQ events call 718-285-9132 or visit