Personal & Business Development Series

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To be successful as a business leader, there are many different components in many different categories to master. In this series, we explore one category each week over a 5-week cycle, and then we start the cycle over again iy”H. Here’s a weekly outline.

Issue 161: Leadership, Management & Presentation Skills:

  • Leadership: Tania Friedlander
  • Management: Hindy Raichik
  • Presentation Skills: Eliezer Blatt

Issue 165: Business Development, Sales & Marketing:

  • Business Development: Rachel Lebowitz
  • Selling: David Hochberg
  • Marketing Strategy: Yisroel H. Levovitz

THIS WEEK: Corporate Culture, Psychological Safety & Core Values:

  • Corporate Culture: Zev Freundlich
  • Psychological Safety: Dave Linn
  • Core Values: Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

Issue 167: Goal Setting, Growth Mindset & Productivity:

  • Goal Setting: Bentzy Rosenberg
  • Growth Mindset: Jacob Rupp
  • Productivity: Avi Friedman

Issue 168: Wealth, Financial Wellness, and Fitness & Health:

  • Wealth Mindset: Chany G. Rosengarten
  • Financial Wellness: Simi Mandelbaum
  • Fitness & Health: Chaim Loeb


By Isaac Portugal, Content Creator, JSuccess