You Are Holy

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Imagine if Elon Musk would call you up one day and say, “I see that you are very talented. I see that you are a good businessman. You can be just like me. You can make billions of dollars in business because I made billions of dollars.” How would you react? You would probably be flabbergasted. Why would this billionaire be calling a random guy like me? What connection do I have to him? Does he really think that I can make billions because he made billions?

In truth, this would be the biggest compliment a businessman could receive. If one of the greatest businessmen in the world says that he believes that you can be just like him, that is high praise! 

Now imagine that this is how Hashem speaks to us. The pasuk says, “Kedoshim tihiyu.” Be holy. One may ask, «Why does Hashem speak with such a tone? “Ki kadosh ani.” Because I am holy.

There is no compliment more satisfactory than this. Hashem thinks of us as kodesh kedoshim!

When a person sees how much Hashem values themselves, they will not want to do any wrongdoings. A person may suggest, «I am so close to Hashem. My Creator has such high expectations of me. Why should I sin? Why should I lower myself?»

Think for a moment, «Would a very wealthy man stand in line to buy a loaf of bread with food stamps?»

There is nothing wrong with a person waiting in line if they lack financial stability. However, it is beneath the dignity of a rich man to stand in such a line. Why should he wait in a line to buy bread with food stamps if he has all the money he needs to purchase whatever he desires?

We must realize that every Jew is wealthy in kedushah. Likewise, every Jew is capable of learning a significant amount of Torah, doing countless mitzvot, and performing many acts of kindness. Every Jew is capable of building so much in this world. Still, for a Jew to lower themselves and not watch their eyes, or to place themselves in inappropriate places is beneath our dignity. One should question, «Why would a rational person become involved in such a bad scene?» With all that the Jewish nation and humankind has been alloted, why would anyone want such impure things in the first place?

With wishes for a k’tiva v’chatima tovah!

Rabbi Yaakov Rahimi has created a storm in the Jewish world bringing back many unaffiliated young men and women to the pathways of Hashem. He has been involved in the Chazaq and Torah Anytime organizations, among others including NCSY, BJX, and Partners in Torah. He has since returned to his hometown of Lakewood, N.J. Rabbi Rahimi is a graduate of Deal Yeshiva, and learned in Beth Medrash Govoha becoming a very close talmid of Rabbis Yeruchem Olshin shlit”a , and Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlit”a. Rabbi Rahimi partook in the Sephardic halachic project Mishnah Berurah Tiferet. He can be reached at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.