David Hirsch Pledges to Go to Bat for Our Community in Albany

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As the September 12th special election approaches, the 27th district of the NYS Assembly stands at a crossroads. Republican David Hirsch emerges as a beacon of hope, ready to address our community’s needs in Albany.

Amid many challenges, Hirsch pledges unwavering reason. Putting safety and confronting hate and antisemitism as a priority, he pledges to equip our police and restore peace and harmony to our streets.

Central to Hirsch’s vision is safeguarding Yeshiva education, and upholding our religious values, rights, and freedoms uncompromisingly. Hirsch proudly vows to protect the essence of our community.

David acknowledges the impact of flawed Albany Democratic policies on the homeless and migrant crisis. He commits to shielding our community from their fallout, prioritizing our well-being and security.

Let September 12th be the day you cast your vote for David Hirsch—an advocate of safety, unity, education, and unwavering rights. With your support, we can surpass even Congressman Lee Zeldin’s double-digit win in this district, forging a brighter future.

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