The ABA Looks Back At A Year Of Great Success

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The Alliance of Bukharian Americans meets the end of the Hebrew year with happiness and gratitude for the experience of great success. We have made real strides in all of our goals, and look forward to another year of the teamwork, effort, and solidarity which has brought us thus far. We have expanded our ranks, and also our horizons. We therefore acknowledge the amazing team which guides the organization forward, you know who you are. 

We will continue to seek equitable government funding for nonpublic schools by building on the STEM program, and also discovering other paths.  We will secure more funding for our many after schools programs, to add on to the record-level awards allocated to our community. We will do this by again teaming up with local schools, organizations and politicians who share our view of a sustainable future. Finally, we will continue to make sure our voices are heard, so that the security and welfare of the State of Israel is no longer a topic for debate.

Bukharian Jewry is a truly unique and distinct subgroup within Judaism. Our unique culture faces vast opportunities which await us if we unite under our common interests. The ABA has identified social, political, religious, and educational openings for our community, but we need to make the effort together. We have come thus far, so let us look forward to another year of success. United, we can ensure that the magnificent portion of Bukharian Jewish culture remains forever embroidered into the beautiful tapestry of global Judaism. 

The ABA wishes everyone a happy, healthy and successful new year. May we all be written in the Book of Life and may we all merit to see the day when everyone lives in prosperity and safety, Amen!