A Week At YCQ

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As JHS classes came to an end and we head into the final week of the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) Digital Learning Environment,  the students and staff begin to prepare for graduation and ending what was a ‘unique’ and ‘interesting’ school year. As parents begin their frantic  search to make summer plans in a world very different than what we are used to, teachers and morot at YCQ have been spending the time personally delivering packages to their students, bringing smiles and a sense of normalcy to the end of the year.  Virtual classes and activities have continued with a Healthy and Wise scavenger hunt; Class 2-207 learning shapes through building, using spaghetti and marshmallows; a banana bread baking competition in 2-205 and 2-206; and some first graders even received a special letter from their teachers in the mail.

In the elementary grades, the students participated in their annual Literary Festival and class 3-211 and 3-212 wrote and presented their own poetry and participated in their first ever Poetry Slam. Even quarantine could not hold these students back from learning and engaging in this annual event.

Each year, the sixth graders learn research methods in science class and spend time creating a project for the annual STEM fair.  Though students could not be together and show their projects and research in person, they all participated in an amazing virtual science fair put together by their teacher Ms. Picciano.  Each student individually or with their partner shared their research and their projects in a virtual science fair.  Every student worked hard and should be proud of this amazing accomplishment.  The following students won awards in different categories: Ephraim Greenfield: Now You C It, Now You Don’t; Jake Schikman: Which Sunscreen Protects Our Skin Better from UV Rays? Yehoshua Gherman: Traffic Nightmare; Max Askari and Ariel Mastour: What Has More Radiation?; Max Chubak: Kinetic and Potential Energy; David Borukhov: Which Water is the Cleanest?; Yishai Ashvil: Bacteria & Toothpaste; Yaakov Gruza, Doran Sparber and Alan Linker: Stop the Sound; Ozzy Dreyfuss and Eyal Traeger: The Efficiency of the Solar Panel; Sarah Leah Sullivan and Rebecca Sisser: When Life Gives Your Allergies, Make Lemonade; Abigail Badalov: Is Our Weather As Healthy As We Think?; Shira Canter: Fighting Plastic Pollution One Spoon at a Time; Becky Feygin: Freeze Tag; Dina Milchman: Stain Wars; Esther Horn: What Makes Rainbow Fireworks?; Eliana Orlanski and Eliana Gomberg: Are Your Lying? Rachel Yusupov and Leah Pleshty: Thieves vs Clorox; and Tziporra Gold: Can My Chinchilla Tell Time?

Throughout the year, the YCQ Torah Bowl Teams have been studying and competing against several yeshivot around NY and NJ. Though it was a tough year, the YCQ girls’ team under the leadership of coach, Shoshana Rosenblum, won the championship at the virtual Torah Bowl Finals, with the boys’ team placing not far behind.  Every student and their coaches put in tremendous effort and hard work and in the end,  it showed bringing nachat and pride to their yeshiva, families and friends.