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People Can’t Just Do Things And Expect There Will Be No Consequences

A couple came crying to me with their heart rending problem. Their lovely

In this week’s Parsha, we learn of the tragic sin of the scouts who were sent to tour the Land of Israel and bring back a report to the Israelites

Towards the end of Parsha Naso, the Torah describes at great length the offerings of the Nesi’im (Princes) on the day that the Mishkan was

The Gemarah learns from the pasuk “Lo Yamushu Mipikha Umipi Zarakha Umipi Zera Zarakha Meata Vead Olam” that if three generations of Torah can

In the words of Mr. Nissim Tajir, “Mishpachat Kaikov gave three treasures to Klal Yisrael: Rav Yaakov Kaikov, Rav Chizkiyahu Kaikov, and Rav Elazar

In the city of Karmina (Navayee) lived Mula Haim (Haimoff), a well-respected rav and community leader. However, Rav Haim always aspired to live in

I remember hearing about an interesting custom of some New York Jewish families to keep small rocks from Jerusalem in a cup for display in the house

The following is a short parable/ story I wrote. It explores the weight of our choices and also depicts the sometimes-latent human strength that

The days of awe are marked by judgment, but how do I prove that I have free choice? You may say that you know you have choice because you have the

Things have taken a dramatic turn in the Queens District Attorney Democratic Primary race between Tiffany Caban and Melinda Katz.

After it looked

I am anticipating the upcoming Bonei Olam Event in the Queens Community.

Since its inception, Bonei Olam has earned a reputation as the organization

Peter Koo, Fransisco Moya, Barry Grodenchik, and Rory Lancman – of City Council Districts 20, 21, 23, and 24, respectively – all won fairly easily

According to an email sent out by MTT late Tuesday night, the Mesivta has just signed to make Shaare Tova on Lefferts Blvd. in Kew Gardens their new

Advocating for Causes Impacting the Bukharian Jewish Community

ABA’s Mission

The ABA was established in 2016 with a mission of uniting the