Thirty Days Without Mom Miriam Elishaev Bat Suri

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01/05/1948 – 05.16.2020 (23 Iyar 5780)

A difficult and painful month ends, just as our dear unforgettable mother passed away – whose kind words, warm look and tenderness brought up our large friendly family. The acute pain of a fresh wound while dulling the sensations of all the irreparable losses that have fallen to our lot, does not allow us to understand and appreciate in full all the irreversibility of the misfortune that has entered the family. Indeed, without a mother, her parting words and blessings, not a single serious decision was made – whether it was about the affairs of family, marriage of her children, and now grandchildren, business decisions and other such matters. Mom’s approval has always been a guarantee of the right step, as it were, a certificate of high quality, confidence in achieving high intended results. And not once did her advice fail any of us – her wisdom and amazing insight never doubted us.

When our father suddenly left, mother was only 39 years old. This is the time of maturity, when life is able to open the best sides of its capabilities. We, three brothers, were looking for our way by then, Shirin – the sister was already married. Mom stood next to us, she did not doubt for a second that on her direction – the only right and possible. All that we have achieved to date is, first of all, the results of her efforts, her devotion to home, family, and husband Gavriel.

Mom raised and predetermined not only the fate of her children, but also a large galaxy of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was the main organizer and spiritual inspirer of every wedding that took place in our family until the last day. Her family home has always been strong and reliable, passing on the traditions laid down by our wise ancestors from generation to generation.

Almost 30 years ago, our mother and her faithful friend, our beloved aunt Yaffa Koptieva (who passed away 2 years ago) stood at the origins of the Beth Gavriel synagogue with their kids, which has taken its rightful place in the modern Jewish world. It is unbearably painful that our mother left this world so early. After all, the warmth, every word and gesture, her right advice and direction was like a compass leading through life.

The Elishaev family expresses deep gratitude to everyone including our relatives, community and friends, relatives in the USA, Israel, Russia, Vienna, all those who sincerely and sympathetically supported us in a difficult moment connected with the untimely passing away of our devoted friend and eternal supporter, our beloved mother – MIRIAM BAT SURI.

On behalf of the Elishaev family:
Shirin-Shalom, Simcha-Diana,
Joseph-Bella, Uri-Alla