YCQ Hosts Its Annual Yachad Shabbaton

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Yeshiva of Central Queens hosted its annual Yachad Shabbaton. On January 31-February 1, Shabbat Parsha Bo, students, staff and alumni from the yeshiva gathered to share in a Shabbat filled with learning, ruach, and the making of new friends. Community members opened their homes to house Yachad members and staff making it possible for them to participate in this amazing Shabbbaton.

Yachad, the flagship program of the Orthodox Union’s National Jewish Council for Disabilities, teamed with YCQ to allow for the children in Yachad to have the opportunity to feel included in Shabbat, as well as teach the students of YCQ tolerance, acceptance, and compassion.

The yearly program affords the opportunity for grade 8 students to get to know Yachad members and to enjoy a spiritual Shabbat with them during meals, learning and socializing through davening together and participating in a variety of activities and songs run by the Yachad staff.

Divrei Torah were given following each meal by YCQ students and Yachad members and Shabbat ended with a beautiful Havdalah, and Melave Malka with dancing. Participation by students is voluntary. As the grade 8 students start to plan for high school, their next step in their education, a program like this gives them the tools needed for them to be well rounded students. It teaches acceptance, and understanding, and creates a quality within each student where they accept and believe that everyone belongs. These qualities will instill in them what it takes to be leaders and community advocates for Klal Yisroel, as they continue their journey towards the future.