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Dear Readers,

We’re very excited for this issue of the Bukharian Jewish Link as we continue to see so much good happening in our community. Of course, we have it all covered.

On Sunday October 14th, the community came together to celebrate a beautiful Sefer Torah dedicated by the Fozailov family. Hundreds took to the streets of Main Street to dance with music blasting. Many people who were just taking care of their personal stuff on a random Sunday stopped by to join in on the action. The day was joyous and it definitely created some extra buzz. We have a two-page spread of pictures from the event on pages 26-27.

While that was among the highlights from the week, there was so much more happening. Our community section has happenings from Forest Hills to Hilcrest to Briarwood to Jamaica Estates and so on. Safe to say as we always do: The community section is jam-packed. It starts on page 22 with Mazal Tovs and goes until page 33.

We also want to wish a special happy 50th birthday to Mr. Simcha Elishaev, who is a crucial part of the Bukharian community for the last 20 years. With all the community growth, we have seen that Hashem prepared Simcha much work, which has required a ton of effort on his part. We are truly thankful for everything he has done and will continue to do for the community. We made a special feature in honor of Simcha’s birthday on page 16 and in Russian on page 42.

Elsewhere, election day is coming up on November 6th. It is extremely important that we see the Bukharian community go out and vote. By voting, we tell elected officials how we feel about the most important issues of our government, like education, health, security, etc. The active voters almost always get the best of their attention. Those communities who stay silent always face the fewer appeals. The political concerns will never be heard if there is no voting. In other words, if you won’t vote, others will make the decisions for you. Take a few minutes out of your day on November 6th and represent the Bukharian community by going out to vote.

Our next issue is scheduled to come out on November 8th. The deadline to get your ads, articles and other paper related content is November 5th.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time…