This past Friday, our Shabbat guest pulled up in front of our house an hour and a half before Shabbat. He parked a bit awkwardly in the street because of the high mounds of snow pushed to the side of the road. He closed the car’s doors and came into the house carrying a bunch of bags. When he went

During our children’s midwinter break this week, we enjoyed an overnight trip at a hotel in the Pocono Mountains.

While the rest of the family was

The other week, I was looking for a check I had received a few days earlier so I could bring it to the bank to deposit. To my disappointment, I

This past Friday morning, after I made my morning coffee, I headed down to my basement office to learn, as I do every morning. About ten minutes

One day, during my wonderful years in Yeshiva Shaarei Torah, my friend, Richie, excitedly motioned for me to follow him into his dormitory room. As

Our son Avi became a Bar Mitzvah on Thursday. Unfortunately, my father-in-law was not feeling well enough to attend the Shabbat event, so Avi and I

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