I was speaking to a friend recently, shortly after the horrific Meron accident that took place on Lag Ba’omer. Like all of us, my friend was struggling to come to terms with what happened. When he discussed the tragedy, the struggle within him kept bursting to the fore. First, he said, “We have to

Ever hear anyone ask, “What’s the big deal?” If you’re a parent or a teacher, chances are one or more of your children have asked you that, when you

Recently, The New York Times published an article by David Leonhardt entitled, “Is bad news the only kind?” In it, Leonhardt notes that almost all

Last week I noticed a placard advertising that Uncle Moishy would be coming to one of the local Judaica stores here in Monsey to promote his new book

As we proceed full-steam ahead towards Kaballat HaTorah, I would like to take a moment to reflect back on one part of the Pesach Seder.

My high school students are helping to learn me English. To clarify, I’m actually teaching them English, but they are trying to teach me how to

I have never been good with names or faces. I joke that my wife never forgets a face, and I never remember one. So, while she will meet a woman and

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