Earlier this week someone forwarded me a touchingly beautiful and masterfully produced video, entitled “Letting Go.” Narrated by Rabbi Yoel Gold, it depicts the incredible story of a man who forgave his childhood friend who was largely responsible for the death of his family during the Holocaust

It was an experience I hope no one ever has. It was a Motzei Shabbat at the end of October in 2004. We were living in the Blueberry Hill Apartments

Another great camping season has begun. Yesterday, the busses pulled into camp, and smiling campers lugging soda, water, and hockey sticks jumped off

In May 2011, Justin Verlander, then a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, threw his second career no-hitter, becoming the twenty-sixth pitcher in

When I was a student in Fordham University pursuing my Masters in Social Work, one of my professors recounted an experience he had witnessed one year

The first time I heard one of my students exclaim “he's a sick athlete”, I felt terrible. How sad that such a vibrant and adroit athlete was ill

One of our Chol Hamoed outings this Pesach was to a place called “High Exposure Rock Climbing.” The facility boasts numerous forty-foot climbs to the

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