With a week to go before Russia stages its May 9 pageant of military hardware and the loudest hurrah on Red Square, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dropped a verbal bombshell in an interview with an Italian news show. He was defending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “denazification.”

There is a strange recurring phenomenon throughout the story of creation: the Torah first describes one model of creation and then proceeds to depict

“Well, they realized that it’s in their better business interest to go along with [insert Leftist cause here].  They don’t really believe this; they

Great ideas never go away.  If they fail for some reason, they are revised, updated, and repackaged.  The automat is an example of this.

A poor man once approached an individual asking if he can buy a lottery ticket from him. For every lottery ticket that this poor man would sell, he

There’s a kiruv yeshivah in Eretz Yisrael called Nesivos Moshe. A teacher in the yeshivah related the following powerful story.

A morah told the

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