A year ago, Republicans allowed themselves to fall prey to a short-sighted and false narrative that caused large numbers of them to do something that they, and many people around the country, regret.  The nation has paid a heavy price for the failures of these few, and the repercussions of that

Adherents honor the dead with fire ceremonies, feasts, and by reciting spells. Its roots stem from magic and the occult, but contemporary issues like

Definitions and a Discussion of the Halachot regarding ‘Bet Yosef’ Meat

Based on the Shiurei Halacha by Harav Meir Gavriel Elbaz

There are a few

I’ve worked with countless couples who find themselves fighting constantly and aren’t even sure why. They have the same life goals and ideals, they

Have you ever been scared of something, simply because you’ve never done it before? I most definitely relate. Just a couple weeks ago, my life

2021 was an interesting year around the world. There were ups and there were downs. There was no shortage of news stories around the world. The BJL

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