4 Locations – 1 Heart

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Parshat Vayeira was a special Shabbat for the staff & students of YTT. It was their annual “Rebbe Shabbaton”. After Shachrit and breakfast on Friday, the students made their way to the Bet Medrash for a Dvar Torah on the Parsha and then loaded up the buses to begin their Shabbaton experience.

The 9th & 10th grade headed to the Palisades Mall where they enjoyed a fun time at Dave & Busters. They then headed to their rebbeim, Rabbi Lehmann & Rabbi Feinroth where they were greeted with a special Erev Shabbat spread of cakes and refreshments. They ate the Shabbat meals at their Rebbeim’s home with the entire family and all enjoyed a special Oneg Shabbat hosted by friends of the Rebbe. After an inspiring Shabbat together, they headed to Westrock Indoor Sports where they enjoyed various sport activities and a Melava Malka.

11th graders headed to Dave & Busters in NJ, and were treated to a magnificent Shabbat in Lakewood with their Rebbe, Rabbi Privalsky. After an amazing (and very filling) Shabbat, they headed to Urban Air where they too enjoyed an action packed Motzei Shabbat ending with a Melava Malka.

The 12th Grade headed to Flatbush, Brooklyn for Shabbat with their Rebbe, Rabbi Shain. They enjoyed a special Archery lesson in Queens Archery and a very special Oneg Shabbat as well. After Shabbat, they headed to the Aviator Sports Center for soccer and ice skating and were later joined at a Melava Malka with their Rebbe and Menahel, Rabbi Aharonov.

A big thank you to all the Rebbeim and especially their wives and children for their commitment and dedication to the bochurim of YTT.