Queens Voters Rally In Support Of The Democratic Process

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On Tuesday July 9th, Queens County residents from all different neighborhoods joined Congressman Greg Meeks for an important press conference. The Congressman addressed the recent heated race for the District Attorney’s office and made clear his position on the Board of Elections’ capability in dealing with the rule of law. Queens County residents and voters joined him in expressing support for the great effort being expended by the Queens County Board of Elections in making sure the results reflect the will of Queens’s voters.

Due to the extremely close margin separating the winner Melinda Katz from the second place Tiffany Caban, the Board of Elections has begun a mandatory recount. Many Caban supporters have angrily pointed to the law invalidating affidavit ballots of those ineligible to vote.  Even though the integrity of this law has been confirmed by Tiffan Caban’s own legal counsel, many upset supporters refuse to accede.

Congressman Meeks expressed extreme distaste towards the people who have seemingly come into Queens County from outside to stir up trouble and point accusatory fingers. Rather than come together as Democrats at this time, some are using the opportunity to spread conspiracy theories rather than accept the transparent election results. Many Statesman and Stateswomen joined Congressman Meeks in support of his resolution to uphold the results which reflect the will of Queens voters, whatever they may be.

 By Adam Suionov