Give Stronq. Give Chazaq.

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CHA-ZAQ DOES EVERYTHING FROM A to Z. From after-school programming to global events, women’s programming to Shabbatons, Jewish school advocacy to publishing, media and radio content to life-saving support system, CHAZAQ literally does everything A-Z!

But CHAZAQ cannot do it without you. We need your partnership to help serve our people A-Z. We need you to give, give strong, give A-Z for the present and future of our people.

On Tuesday June 4th, CHAZAQ will begin a powerfully impactful 36-hour Campaign to benefit CHAZAQ's wide array of services benefiting Jewish public school students. Every single dollar donated will be Tripled (!) multiplying generosity and maximizing impact.

As you all know, Chazaq is the word Hashem used to fortify and strengthen the Jewish people when they were weak and devastated after Moshe’s passing. Chazaq today fortifies and strengthens the Jewish people wherever and whenever they are weak.

CHAZAQ is strength. CHAZAQ is strong. CHAZAQ is stronger together with you.

The most urgent life-preserving work of Chazaq is nurturing the souls of our brothers and sisters in the Queens public school system. Some 10,000 Jewish children and teens, mostly from the former USSR, have virtually zero access to Jewish experience or education. They may learn the common core curriculum, but are innocent and ignorant to our Jewish and eternal common core. Sadly and tragically, this inevitably devolves into high rates of assimilation and intermarriage. Today, Jewish kids in our backyard have descended into drugs and crime.

Where our people are weak, we must be Stronq! Where our Jewish family is flailing, we must be Chazaq! Through our afterschool programming, exciting trips, Shaping Lives Sunday school, and mentorship, Chazaq has begun changing the reality.

But we need you!

On Tuesday June 4th, together we will Give Stronq and Give Chazaq for the future of our people and help Chazaq continue their great work in the community from A to Z!!

What will your donation accomplish? What will your support help us do? Chazaq reaches hundreds of public school students a year. In fact this past year alone, Chazaq reached an amazing total of 1,227 public school students via their life changing Afterschool programs and yeshiva placement division. Over 300 were transferred to Yeshiva. All this in one year alone!!!

But it's only a drop in the bucket considering that there are approximately 10,000 Jewish students in the public school system in Queens.

Together we can touch the lives of hundreds if not thousands more.

Visit as we countdown to June 4th and join Chazaq's life changing work.

Thank you for Giving Stronq! Thank you for Giving Chazaq!

Thank G-d, generous donors will match each donation given. So every dollar you give will be TRIPLED. One dollar equals three dollars!! But we only have 36 hours to make this happen. With your help, on June4-5 we will do so from A-Z!

By giving A-Z you are giving much more than money. You are giving 10,000s of Jews the gift of their tradition and education, saving futures and building eternality. Together, more than raising funds, we are raising the Jewish Family from A-Z!

Thank you for giving CHAZAQ. Thank you for giving A-Z!