Beth Gavriel Shows Appreciation To Police Precinct With Lunch

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On Friday May 5th, The Beth Gavriel Center arranged a lunch for the 112th Precinct in appreciation of their services over the past few months. Avraham Pinkhasov, Jewish Liaison Officer reached out to the Precinct to schedule. The police officers were treated to delicious BBQ in the spirit of Memorial Day weekend. Community members got to socialize with the police officers who keep their neighborhood safe. It was an important opportunity to put names to the faces of those who patrol our streets during the morning, afternoon and evening.

Ever since the community reached out to the precinct in November, the Precinct has made visible strides in community outreach. This includes multiple high-level meetings with the Alliance of Bukharian Americans to increase community dialogue and a local build-the-block meeting on May 13th. It is important to see the community step up and show appreciation to the 112th Precinct for their great work.

Thank you to all of the sponsors from the Shul and 5 Towns restaurant Laffa Bar and Grill for the delicious food and drink.

By Adam Suionov