Jewish Youth League Of Queens Kicks-Off With An Impressive Start!

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Stop! Circle around and lets start again from the beginning.” The sound of sneakers streaking across the gym floor and basketballs striking the backboard adds to the energy of the moment. As scores of young boys make their away around the impressive track and take turns with various exercises, I cannot but smile at the exciting scene in front of my eyes. The Alliance of Bukharian Americans’ (ABA) collaboration with the Chazaq Organization and E Squared Sports has produced an extremely professional basketball league which is really so much more.

Anyone with experience can tell you that healthy fun in a structured environment works wonders for children’s physical and mental health during the developmental stage. The Jewish Youth League of Queens was evidently put together with the above goal in mind. More than school boys playing a pick-up game, the display of professionalism here is truly exceptional.

There are training sessions to master defense, dribbling, shooting, running, passing and focused teamwork. The children will probably develop friendships along with their skills as they progress together. The older boys have a full-fledged league season with coaches on site guiding the progression of each game. Scores are kept as each team learns what it takes to excel in sports and also in gamesmanship. Natural leaders practice their skill as equally important support teammates learn the importance of every position.

There is also a special program for children in Kindergarten - 2nd grade. This program is a clinic and skill-building session which helps with a variety of things related to the age group. Children here improve hand-eye coordination, attention, comprehension, all while having a great time. Similar to the older boys, this division benefits from professional coaches who delicately guide the children through each exercise.

The Basketball league trains young boys in grades K – 6. It is split on a weekly basis with Sunday sessions for the younger boys and Tuesday plus Wednesday sessions for the older boys. A special Thank you goes out to the sponsors at E Squared Sports who made this possible. 

 By Adam Suionov