Chief Rabbi Of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Amar Speaks To Bukharian Community In Briarwood

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On Sunday, May 5, the Bukharian community of Briarwood had the privilege to host the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Amar.

Rabbi Simantov Yanetz, the Rabbi of the community, introduced the guest Rabbi in which he is grateful for the Zechut that he learned in the Kollel of Rav Amar in Jerusalem before he moved to New York.

Rabbi Amar mentioned that each Jew comes to the world with a specific job that he is supposed to fulfill. That is why Hashem sent him to this world. The problem is that we are not Neviim, how are we supposed to know what exactly our job is? The answer is when we learn Torah and we participate in Torah classes, we have a special Siata Dishmaya from Shamayim, Hashem will direct us to fulfill our job, because our Torah is not regular studies. All signs are important, but they are all created by human beings; however, our Torah is Torat Elokim Chaim -- Hashem created it.

When we learn the Torah, we will be able to understand what life is, we have special help from Shamayim that helps us do what we are supposed to do. Baruch Hashem, you have the Zechut to be united in your community. This is not something simple, and you also have a great Rabbi that guides you and teaches you the right way of Torah, you should take the opportunities and join the lectures and every time when the rabbi announces about a lecture, everyone is obligated to attend. Even you should push the Rabbi to give more lectures. These days between Pesach to Shavuot are all days that we are preparing ourselves for Matan Torah, We should understand that our Chagim from the Torah are not just historic events - they continue until today. Pesach - time of freedom. Today, if we celebrate Pesach in the right way, we will have some understanding of what real freedom is from the Torah. Succot - time of happiness. Every year on Succot, we are supposed to have the special Simcha. Shavuot - time of Matan Torah. Every year when Shavuot comes, Hashem gives us our part in the Torah. It’s not easy at all to receive the Torah - that is why we count the Omer every day - because we are looking forward and we need to prepare ourselves spiritually for Matan Torah.

The Rabbi blessed the community that they will have Beracha and success in everything that they do. They will see Nachat and Hatzlacha and growing spiritually and coming close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.