Is It Permissible for Children to Build with Lego on Shabbat?

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In the Halachot of Boneh (construction on Shabbat), the Poskim discuss whether building with Lego constitutes a prohibited type of building. Both Chacham Chacham Bension that children under Bar Mitzvah may play with Lego, because it is considered a game, not real building, even if the child plans to keep the structure for a long time. If there is no issue in building, then there is also no problem to take apart already built structures. This is the technical Halacha, but, of course, one should try to engage his children in Torah study on Shabbat as much as possible. Moreover, this leniency is only for children. Both Chachamim hold that these Lego pieces will be not allowed for an adult over Bar Mitzvah.

 By Rabbi Eli Mansour