The Power Of Just One Mitzvah

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How many times in our life do we search for happiness? We are always trying to find something to make us jump for joy. Other times we are content with simply a smile or some other form of enjoyment. Unfortunately, in today’s world, especially with the effects of the pandemic weighing on many, feelings of depression and sadness are rampant. The key to happiness is still foremost on the minds of society. As is common in human nature, we often fail to realize that the “key” lays right beneath our noses.

This magic tool rests in our observance and adherence to Jewish practices. We learn Torah; we pray to Hashem three times a day; and we keep the laws of Shabbos. Just imagine, by keeping one Shabbos, Hashem rewards us millions of times over. Nevertheless, these customs have become a habit to us – almost mundane. Often, we forget that every mitzvah completed has a profound effect both in this world and in the courtyard of Hashem. Let us just take a moment to remember how much kochot (power) rests within every Jewish person who does even one mitzvah. When we ultimately see the depth of a mitzvah, then we immediately will feel more content, more accomplished, and overall happier.