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Dear Readers, Baruch Hashem, the beautiful Holiday season has come and gone and we’re coming back with some fantastic news.

This past Sunday, the Beth Gavriel Center held a historic event, celebrating the Grand Opening of its new state-of-the-Art Mikvah. It was such a beautiful sight to see so many different community members gather together for this special occasion.

Over 1000 people filled the auditorium in Forest Hills High School to celebrate and many more came by to wish their Mazal Tovs throughout the event.

Among the special guests in attendance was world renowned Israeli singer Haim Israel, who came from Israel to perform. We don’t want to get too detailed here as we have a full recap with pictures on pages 15-17 and in Russian on page 42.

Special thanks to everyone who made this dream a reality. We are only expecting more great things out of the community in the near future.

A few other notes from this issue: We have a number of recaps on various beautiful events that took place over the last couple of weeks. We also gave a special shout out to the amazing CHAZAQ organization who have officially surpassed transferring over 500 Jewish public school students to Yeshiva in a little over two years.  No, there are no typos, they passed 500!! Truly remarkable. May they continue going strong with all their great work for many years to come!

Also, the community section is jam-packed starting with Mazal Tovs on page 22 and going through page 34. As always, if you have something to share, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We also want to wish a very special happy 80th birthday to our Russian editor, William Kandinov, who has been with us since the very first issue. William is a vital part of our paper and does a fabulous job with all the Russian articles which our readers truly enjoy.

Our next issue is scheduled to come out on October 25th. The deadline to get your ads, articles and other paper related content is October 22nd.

Thank you for reading.
Until next time…