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As we close in on our first year, the Bukharian Jewish Link has Baruch Hashem «grown wings» and has taken off like a dove. It is truly heartwarming to see so any people from all over the tri-state area contacting us to offer their praise and expressing gratitude to have a Bukharian newspaper providing the latest happenings! It’s been a pleasure to hear so many people express their excitement and I continue to encourage everyone to send us their opinions, thoughts, questions, compliments, Mazal Tovs and constructive criticism to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In this issue we recap a very sensational night at the QJCC [Queens Jewish Community Council] dinner. Many seasoned politicians and statesmen attended this event in support of an organization which has helped resolve the social issues of so many Jews. But the night was not just about the QJCC, it was also in honor of those groups and organizations which the QJCC recognized and honored for their excellent work, service, and promise. Among them was the Alliance of Bukharian Americans (ABA) for being instrumental in the political growth and representation of the united Bukharian Jewish communities of North America. The ABA was honored with the QJCC Young Leadership Award. This award recognizes the ABA’s immense efforts in building the political infrastructure which now serves as a solid foundation for the ever-growing opportunities awaiting the Bukharian community’s attention. The ABA’s work shows promise because it is exactly the kind of effort which attracts more government programs, funding and attention. We at the BJL are so proud to see the continued success and growth of the ABA and we only hope to hear more great things about them. For more on this, see pages 28-29.

Just like our previous issue, the Summer continues to roll on with dozens of happy occasions. We once again have a jam-packed Mazal Tov section which can be found on pages 24-25.

We also want to mention that we will be printing another issue of the BJL right before Rosh Hashana. As you most likely already know, we usually print every other week. That will change next issue as we will be printing again on Wednesday, September 5th. All articles, advertising and pictures must be sent in prior to September 3rd. A full schedule of the upcoming BJL publications can be found on page 9. If you would be interested in placing an ad in our pre-Rosh Hashana edition, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 917-549-6145. As always, there is plenty of different topics in this issue. From Parsha to community happenings to world news and Real Estate, there will always be stuff to talk about.

Until next time…

By Avraham Yakubov