Message From The Publisher

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This past Sunday we had the fast of 17 of Tammuz which is the beginning of the 3 weeks which ends with Tisha Bav. It’s customary to lower our standards of happiness but that doesn’t mean we need to walk around with a sour face. We need to always be happy! We just lessen the happiness.

We would like to congratulate all the graduates from the community, we are happy to present a very nice 2 page spread of many pictures of graduations from Yeshivot in our community. You can find that on page 28-29.

Talking about Yeshivot we published a special letter we received from the revered Kalever Rebbe who has dedicated his life for the Jewish people traveling the world to inspire individuals to come closer to Hashem. The Rebbe has come to our Bukharian community for at least a dozen years or more and I remember one time being at Beth Gavriel and the Rabbi stayed till very late at night in order to give advice and blessings to all the congregants who awaited to see him. As you will read in the letter the Rebbe explains beautifully how important it is to enroll our children into Yeshivot. Every time I hear that we have approximately 10,000 Bukharian kids in Public Schools with no Jewish education it really hurts my heart and that’s why we placed this letter as our front cover feature! We personally ask everyone who reads this to please show it to any family members or neighbors who send kids to public schools and encourage them to enroll their kids to a Yeshiva for the upcoming school year.

As always it’s a pleasure to hear all the positive feedback we get about the paper from all over the world! We at the Bukharian Jewish Link truly appreciate all the comments, letters and article you send to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Keep it coming!

Till next time!

 By Avraham Yakubov